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I am a new member and new to salt water fishing and the fish that are around here. It would be helpful if at the meetings some time was set aside each meeting to discuss how to catch a one type of fish. One month, Redhish next month Flounder next month Catfish. What lure, depth, retrieval speed, time of day and another helpful information to improve catching that kind of fish. Enjoyed the tournament but caught only one fish, would like to do better next time.

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Great suggestion.  Next meeting is our Christmas party but hopefully starting with January's meeting wc can cover lures & techniques. Don't target catfish, unlike fresh water catfish, saltwater catfish are nasty. They do put up a good fight though. The water temperature is ideal right now so the fish will be actively feeding preparing for winter. Topwater lures, especially around sunrise/sunset or during cloudy or overcast skies should do well.  Slow & constant retrievals will get you redfish. Faster retrievals w/occasional pauses should get you trout & snook. If you get follows but no strikes, then quicken the retrieval a bit. If you get strikes, but misses, then slow your retrieval

Mirrodines  work well too. This is a slow sinking twitch bait so don't retrieve too fast. Try to make it look like a wounded pinfish. It'll take trial & error to keep it from snagging the grass but it's really effective. It generally sinks about 1/2 foot per second. What I do is drop the lure right next to my kayak & count the seconds until it reaches bottom. I then cast my lure as far as I can & start counting when it hits the water. Since I want the lure about 1 foot off the bottom, I subtract 1 or 2 seconds. For example. if the mirrodine hits bottom on the count of 6, then I'll count to 4 or 5 before starting my retrieve. 2 turns of the reel, 2 or 3 twitches, pause for 1 second. repeat this until the lure reaches your kayak. 

Weedless gold spoons cast near mangroves or around oyster bars can get you a redfish. Cast it out, let it sink to the bottom & slowly retrieve back. If you feel that a fish is striking the lure but not getting hooked, stop reeling & let the spoon flutter to the bottom. Usually, the fish will strike on the fall. 

Paddle tails on a 1/8 ounce jig head are awesome too. You can either try a constant retrieval or bounce them off the bottom. I usually cast them on the edges of grass or potholes for reds, trout or flounder. 

Snook are going to be near the mangroves, especially around points. If the water is low enough, they'll be a few feet away from the mangrove shoreline. High tide, forget about them since they'll be in the trees. If you can accurately cast, then try casting into an opening in the mangroves to target them.

Redfish can be anywhere this time of year. Oyster bars are a good location. Casting at the edges of mullet schools are good too. 

Trout should be near potholes & grassflats or the edges of grass flats. 

If you have on demand services with your cable subscription, watch episodes of "Flats Class". Of all the fishing shows, this is the most instructive. The TV host is one of the best guides in the area.  In each episode, he'll cover how to locate fish & how to to work the lures they used during that episode. 

Hope this helps. Don't be afraid to ask questions. There are a lot of incredible anglers (both men & women) in the club who would be glad to help out. 


I can't make the December Party (will be fishing in North Florida), but I thought that I would provide members with a link to a site that allows one to convert any/all of their hooks/jigs with a screw attachment for soft bodied lures. Please check out "Bayou Buck's Hook Podnuhs" at . I am not affiliated with Bayou Bucks, but I have used his 'Hook Podnuhs" for several years. I can attest that they are just as good at holding soft bodied lures on hooks as factory-made hooks with similar/same attachment type springs. "Podnuhs" made the conversion of my old hooks simple and cheap. 

I also think that "Catching More Fish" would be a good forum category. A summary of the meeting discussions could be posted on the web site.

Good Fishing! - Doug.W

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