We meet on the third Tuesday of each month at Bett's Fishing Center's in Largo.
How do I learn about the club?2017-10-25T07:56:00-04:00

Click on the “About Us” link on the Homepage and check out our B.A.C.K. Facebook page, browse our Forum Section to find out what and where members are fishing, tips on everything from selecting a kayak to how to use particular lures and outfit your boat.

I am not a “joiner” but I still would like to learn more, do I have to join the club?2017-10-25T07:55:58-04:00

No! While we encourage and appreciate membership and there are advantages to membership in our club, it is not required. You can register on our webpage and take advantage of that information, come to meetings and Paddle-Ins and become a B.A.C.K. Facebook friend anytime.

I am new to fishing or new to fishing local inshore waters, can I still join and attend events?2017-10-25T07:55:59-04:00

Yes Again! Many of our members started in the same boat. Meetings are helpful to answer questions regarding boat, seat, paddle selection, pedal or paddle, recommended tackle or other equipment, launches, locations, tides, etc. Come to a Goomba and kick the tires on several models of paddle craft, see how they are set up and ask questions.

I don”t have a kayak or canoe, can I still come to a meeting and a Paddle-In?2017-10-25T07:55:59-04:00

Yes! This is how many of us got started in the activity. Come to a meeting and meet other members, come to a Paddle-In and take a look at the boats and other equipment members are using. Ask questions! Our club was established to enjoy and to get others involved in kayak or canoe fishing.

What types of fish do you cover most?2017-10-25T07:55:58-04:00

Most of our focus is on inshore saltwater species including Redfish, Speckled Trout, and of course Snook. We also have guests share information about Tarpon, Grouper, Cobia, Kingfish, and going offshore.

What can I expect at a meeting?2017-10-25T07:55:59-04:00

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month at Bill Jackson’s Shop for Adventure at 9501 US 19 Hwy North in Pinellas Park. ( If you join our webpage and provide an email you will receive a notice of the meeting and program) Food is provided by our hosts, following a short business meeting there is a program, frequently a guest speaker, tackle manufacturer, equipment demonstration or round table discussion. We are fortunate to have many guest speakers who are experts in their industry, be it fishing guides, outdoor writers or tackle manufacturers. The meetings usually conclude with a Q&A session and a drawing for door prizes provided by the Club. Occasionally members attend a post meeting critique at the Winghouse a few blocks south of Bill Jackson’s on US 19. All are welcome, invitation is not required.

What is a Paddle-In?2017-10-25T07:55:59-04:00

A Paddle-In (formerly called a Goomba) is a club sanctioned gathering of members, guests and non-members, who launch and fish a particular area that will change from month to month. Most often the Paddle-Ins occur on the Saturday following our regular meeting, however, the Paddle-In Committee can change the date based on tides or other conditions. Frequently the Club will purchase food for these events, sometimes we all just bring our own. Fishing is usually followed by a gathering on the shoreline to grab a bite to eat and just enjoy each other’s company. In the summer months some evening Paddle-In are scheduled. Usually our October Goomba is a camping trip in conjunction with some youths from the Florida Sheriff’s Youth Ranch and we usually host them for a spring day Paddle-In as well.Naturally, weather conditions come to play in any paddle fishing endeavor and we will always err on the side of safety. Paddle-In details are announced at meetings, on the forum page and on our Facebook page.

How do I contact an individual member?2017-10-25T07:55:59-04:00

Click on Members, then select who you wish to contact, this will bring up their profile page and then you can send them a message.This will be a private conversation between you and whomever you decide. Board member emails and some phone numbers are listed on the About Us page.

How do I find something on the forum?2017-10-25T07:55:59-04:00

Enter any search term you are interested in into the “Search Forum” text box on every forum page and click on the magnifying glass. From there you can click on the thread titles and read all of the available information.

How do I post on the forum?2017-10-25T07:56:00-04:00

Simply register on our webpage (it’s free), set up your profile and start posting, replying or just read the various posts, articles and reports. Browse to your heart’s content. The forum is a great way to set up fishing trips with other members.


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