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VHF portable radio


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Thinking of purchasing a portable marine VHF radio.  What do you suggest I get?


I second the recommendation for Standard Horizon. I have the HX300 Floating and have been very happy with it. $110. There are several levels of water proof from mist, spray, splash, to floating. If used in a kayak it will eventually end up floating. Mine did first time out.

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There are many good options but I like the Standard Horizon units because of the 3 year waterproof warranty. The HX40 is the smallest unit but does NOT float. The HX210 is larger but floats. has the 210 for $83, and the 40 for $99 ($20 rebate). I believe there is free shipping and no tax. These are both basic units but do the job. If you want to spend more $$, you will get more options.

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We purchased the HX870 because we liked some of the extra features it offered. Time will tell just how well it works out for us.

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