Join Us for The Second Annual BACK MirrOlure Fishing Club Challenge.


April 10th, 2021 is our second BACK MirrOlure Fishing Club Challenge. We have some new rules and a new competition for longest trout. This event will be fun, exciting, and give us all a chance to compete and meet other people who like to fish Tampa Bay’s inshore waters along with winning some great prizes.

If you would like to participate, download, print and complete either the individual or family registration form. Scan or take a picture of the front and back and email it to You can also request a registration form or ask questions by emailing When we get your registration form, we will confirm the amount due and reply with instructions on how to pay using PayPal. Bring the actual signed registration form with you when picking up the lure package.

Click here to download the individual registration

Click here to download the family registration

MirrOlure and Longest Trout Competitions

This year we are offering club members a choice of two competitions to enter, MirrOlure ($60) and Longest Trout ($40).

There are 50 spots available in the MirrOlure competition. The MirrOlure competitors can only catch fish using MirrOlures and will be targeting 12 fish species, each having its own point value, for the most points caught. They can also chose to measure and submit their longest trout in the Longest Trout competition. MirrOlure competitors will receive a set of lures from MirrOlure.

The Longest Trout competition will give all club members a chance to compete and participate in the fun. Competitors pay a lower registration fee and can use any artificial, live or cut bait trying to catch the longest Speckled Sea Trout. Longest Trout competitors will not receive a set of lures from MirrOlure.

MirrOlure Lure Package

Eric Bachnik, a long time friend of the club and regular guest speaker, is providing each MirrOlure competitor with an assortment of MirrOlure artificial lures.  Why? MirrOlures catch fish! Included will be a package of Little Johns, paddle tails, jig heads, a subsurface and a top water lure, etc. You can use these during the tournament or save them and use your favorite MirrOlures already in your tackle box.


The actual prize values will be based upon the number of members who register. The current plan is to have a first and second place for MirrOlure competitors and a first and second place for Longest Trout. First place for the MirrOlure competition will be at least a value of $400 and first place for the Longest Trout competition will be at least $200.

We are also having a Captains prize which is a random drawing from all competitors at the weigh-in party and a MirrOlure photo challenge prize. The photo challenge prize will be either a random pick or a voted upon choice from photos submitted by MirrOlure competitors. If you know of any one or any business who would like to donate fishing or kayak related prizes, please email or call David LeFevre.


Register at one of our meetings or email us at We will send you a registration form, which you will have to sign and return, and instructions on how to send payment using PayPal.

The Rules

The rules below are to provide an outline of what The BACK MirrOlure Fishing Club Challenge is and how it will be run. The rules are subject to change.

Tournament Overview

This is a Catch, Photo, and Release fishing tournament.

  • Participants must take a launch selfie photo
  • Photos of fish will be submitted during weigh-in party for review.
  • Participants must fish from a kayak, paddleboard, or canoe.
  • Trolling motors are allowed. No other motor types are permitted.
  • No fishing from motorized vessels.
  • Wade fishing is allowed but you must be tethered to a kayak or canoe.
  • MirrOlure competition participants must only fish using MirrOlure artificial lures.
  • Longest Trout competition participants can fish use artificial, live or cut bait.


Participants can fish in Hillsborough, Pinellas, Manatee Counties. You can launch anywhere within the boundaries shown on the map below. Generally, the boundaries are Park/Gandy is the north boundary, Manatee blvd is the south boundary and  south of Apollo Beach to the east.

Captains Meeting

We will be having the captains meeting online on the Thursday before the tournament from 6:30pm-8:00pm using Zoom. We will be giving out the MirrOlure lure bags prior to the meeting and will try to find a way for everyone to get theirs. If we can’t, your bag will be at the weigh-in. During the meeting, we will go over any rule changes and answer any questions. You are not required to attend the captains meeting but it is highly recommended.

Note: We may have last minute rule changes and if you do not attend you may not hear about them and therefore make a mistake fishing or submitting your fish.

Weigh-In Party

We have rented Shelter 13 at Fort Desoto on April 10th. You will have to pay the $5 parking fee. During the weigh-in party we will be reviewing photo submissions, verifying winners and awarding prizes. We will also be providing food and drinks in an environment that allows for social distancing. Please do not bring food or drinks to share unless they are individually wraps or sodas, water, etc. The weigh-in party starts at 2:00pm and ends at 7pm. Food starts after 3pm. We will need everyone to help wrap up and cleanup. Be sure to bring a mask with you and check with the county park website regarding Covid rules.

Tournament Entry Caps

MirrOlure has committed to provide 50 lure packages. The first 50 paid registrants for the MirrOlure competition will receive MirrOlure lure packages. Additional participants are welcome but may not receive a lure package. There is no entry cap for the Longest Trout competition.

MirrOlure Competition Rules

Lure Bag

Each participant will receive a lure bag with MirrOlure artificial lures (selected and provided by Eric Bachnik, owner of MirrOlure himself)

Fish Points


The 12 eligible fish species that are worth points are listed below. We won’t know how many points each fish is worth until the captains meeting. The plan is that during the meeting we will randomly assign a point value between 1 and 12 to each fish.

There are no size restrictions but only three of each species will count towards the participants point total.

For example, if Ladyfish are 10 points and you catch three, you have 30 points. 10×3=3, If Snook are 4 points and you catch four, you have 12 points. 4×3=12.

  • Snook
  • Redfish
  • Speckled Trout
  • Ladyfish
  • Lizard Fish
  • Jack Crevalle
  • Catfish
  • Flounder
  • Sheepshead
  • Grouper
  • Mangrove Snapper
  • Black Drum


To win the MirrOlure competition, participants can fish using MirrOlure artificial lures only, add up their total fish points from their fish caught and submit eligible photos of the fish if requested. The competitor with the most total points wins.

Fish Size and Quantity

There are no size restrictions for the fish you can catch. However, only three photos of each species will count towards the participants point total. For example, if a Redfish is worth 3 points and you catch 4 redfish, your total points for redfish is 9. 3×3=9

Fish Photos

In order for a fish to be counted, the participant must take a photo with the playing card and the lure clearly visible. You can use paper copies of the playing card or have the card drawn on the back of your hand in place of the actual card.

Fish Point Submissions

We will not be reviewing everyone’s fish pictures. To save time, participants will complete and submit a fish points form with the number and types of fish caught plus the length of their longest trout. Please complete the form as soon as you arrive at the weigh-in party. You must be in line to complete your Fish point forms by 3:00pm to qualify for the MirrOlure and both competition awards. A team of three judges will review catch photos from the people with the top two point totals and the next top point totals as a backup. Those top three people will need to provide their phone or camera to the judges. We will not be reviewing photos from an SD card.


Lure scents are permitted.

Modifying lures, attachments, etc.

Everything past the knot must be a MirrOlure product. The only exceptions are replacement hooks, scent and yarn or feathers to help hold the scent. (revised 4/7: You can use a weightless hook with a MirrOlure soft plastic) You can modify a lure such as splitting the tail or taking off the tail of the soft plastic, removing hooks or spinners on the hard baits if you want to. You cannot add spinners, etc that are not MirrOlure brand. If you want to add paint to the lure, that is your choice but be sure that the judges can tell it is a MirrOlure and you don’t mind sharing with everyone your secret color sauce.

Longest Trout Competition Rules


To win the longest trout competition, competitors can fish using artificial, live or cut bait and submit a qualifying photograph of the longest speckled sea trout caught during the tournament.

Qualifying Photo

Each trout submitted must be photographed on a fish measuring board with the fishes head to the left, the dorsal fin up, tail flat, where the numbers can be easily read. We will measure to the nearest 1/8”.

Fish Boards

Be sure to check your fish board with a ruler prior to the tournament. Winners may be asked to submit their fish board for verification during the weigh-in.

Longest-Trout Submissions

Every participant can submit a picture of their longest trout. We will not be reviewing everyone’s fish pictures. To save time, participants will complete and submit a fish points form with the length of their longest trout to the closest 1/8”. Please complete the form as soon as you arrive at the weigh-in party. You must be in line to submit your fish point forms before 3:00pm to qualify for the longest trout competition prize.

General Tournament Rules – These rules apply to both competitions.

Playing Card

Around 8pm, the Friday night before fishing, we will randomly select a playing card and share it on Facebook, our website, and via email. You will need to provide your own playing card. The playing card must appear in all photos submitted along with your launch photo. For example, if a queen of hearts is selected, you must show the queen of hearts playing card on all your photos. Drawing the queen of hearts on the back of your hand or using a paper copy of the playing card is acceptable.

Launch Photo

Prior to launching your kayak or canoe, at the launch, each participant must take a picture of their kayak/canoe in the daylight at 7am or later on the day of tournament. The photo must include the selected playing card, their kayak and themselves clearly at a launch point. This photo should be the first in your series of photos that you submit.


Wading from your kayak or canoe is permitted. Your kayak or canoe must be tethered to you while you fish. Wade fishing (or fishing) from shore is not permitted.


You may not use chum to attract fish.


A team of three judges will review catch photos from the people with the top three-point totals from each division. Those people will need to provide their phone or camera to the judges. We will not be reviewing photos from an SD card.

Judges may participate in the tournament but if they are one of the three top point earners a backup judge will take their place.


The judges are responsible for verifying the tournament winners. They can disqualify any photos or all photos or any participants if the rules were not followed.


In the event of a point total or longest trout tie, the participant who submits their point total form first will win the tie.

Release Form

Every participant must sign a club and tournament release.


We may need to change the tournament day due to weather or other unforeseen events. If we need to change the fishing day, the day will be moved to the following Saturday.

Participation and Eligibility.

Participation is to club members 18 years of age or older. Minors are eligible to participate with a parent or legal guardian signature on the release form. A completed entry form, waiver, and entry fee must be received no later than the published entry date.


Safe boating will be observed at all times. During the competition each contestant is required to comply with US Coast Guard regulations. In addition, participants must wear a PFD at all times while competing in the event and be in possession of a sounding device. Tournament days may be shortened or canceled due to unsafe weather or water conditions. The decision to shorten or to cancel will be left totally to the discretion of the Tournament Director.

Alcohol and Drugs.

The consuming or transporting of any alcoholic beverages or drugs (other than prescription or OTC drugs) during official tournament hours, on any tournament angler’s boat is prohibited, and angler or anglers will be disqualified from this and possibly all future tournaments

Permitted Fishing Methods.

All fish must be caught, photographed, and released alive in a conventional sporting manner unless fish are legal to harvest. Anglers may not catch fish or photograph Fish that have been caged or confined in an area prior to the tournament. All fish must be caught from either the kayak (self-propelled water craft) or wade fishing (provided the kayak is tethered to the angler). During the hours of competition, contestants may not obtain or receive assistance, including but not limited to the following: a non-competitor’s boat, the placing of markers by a non-competitor, being towed by or riding on motorized vessels, or receiving electronic, voice or data communication from a non-competitor.


No refunds will be given but you can gift your tournament fee to another participant. They will be responsible for paying the club dues portion of the tournament fee.


This year we are getting club t-shirts again as part of our membership. Please supply your t-shirt size on your registration form