Welcome to the BACK Fishing Club MirrOlureTM photo contest.

BACK members who participated in our clubs MirrOlureTM Challenge were given a very nice lure package from MirrOlureTM for their participation in our tournament.  The participants are submitting their coolest fishing photos for everyone to vote/rate in order to win a MirrOlureTM prize pack that was hand-selected by Eric Bachnic himself.

Ratings are open until May 31st. Check back in often as more photos are being added every week by our members. The club member whose photo gets the most votes and the highest ratings will win.

To Vote…

  1. No login is required.
  2. Pictures are shown in random order.
  3. Click on a photo and select the number of stars from 1 to 5. You can rate one photo but please rate all of them you like.
  4. Click on the fish types to see only those fish photos.
  5. Please rate each photo based upon creativity, lure presentation and description.
  6. You will see the overall rating and number of votes after you vote on a photo.

You can rate all the photos but you can only rate a photo one time. You can see how your rating compared to the average ratings after you choose the number of stars so choose wisely.

Please check out and rate all the photos and share your favorites on social media. Be sure to mention #mirrolure in your post to let our sponsor know you are out there.

Please support our club and support our sponsor MirrOlureTM. If you would like to join our club, please email backfishclub@gmail.com.